Atman Matrimony



Our journey with CML. ( Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) , a type of blood cancer began more than 14 years ago. We choose to call it a journey and not a battle with cancer simply because we accepted CML as a part and parcel of our life together. We never tried to fight it out !

Just 15 days into our marriage, we were hit with the news. The cancer diagnosis came with its share of shock, fear, denial, anger and a lot of uncertainty.  The journey then on was not an easy one!   With the best medical help, prompt treatment and support from friends and family, we were able to sail through successfully.  Together in this journey, we have had our share of wonderful memories, romantic dates, travels and adventures !

Ātman.,our brain child took form  on one such coffee date of ours ….

Our strength in this journey with cancer has always been our togetherness,  our companionship- our being there for each other…And we thought of helping out the thousands like us find their companions.

Ātman– bears our mission to help anyone suffering from diabetes,leucoderma, cancer, HIV or any such medical condition seek their soul mate !

At Ātman, we believe ‘Together we can’ and we will make the journey of life memorable !!